If you're sick of calling up your friends to have a rant about your day, this app is perfect for you.

I found it through Tumblr when they were just getting started designing the app.  There were less features than there are now - but it has been amazing throughout. Vent is home to a whole community (an app with a community! finally!) of lovely people who are there to listen and talk to you about your bad days or feelings or whatever you choose to share on there.

You simply create a profile, create some 'vents' and read other peoples vents. To create a vent, you slide the emotions to find the one you're currently feeling (there's LOADS) and then simply just have a rant. It'll be posted onto your profile and other people can respond with things like 'hug!' or 'omg!' or 'same!' it's perfect really, and REAL. Not cringey or confusing, it's full of real people with real worries and thats something that is hard to find these days. Vent has been and is currently my favourite app and I'm always checking in on people I 'listen' to - so I'm sharing it with you in hopes it will help!

Tell me if you get it or already have it and what you think of it!

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