My Favourite Photos on the Internet

If you've been on tumblr at all, you're aware of the 'like' system they have. These are a few of mine and why I'm absolutely in love with them.

First off, we have this photo. I won't explain much why I love it because it's so obvious.

 It's a painting of a setting with the setting behind it and it's so interesting to see how the artist has painted the various buildings and people!
 I love the weather and the colours of it all, just lovely.

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This one is a bit of a funny one. I don't know why I love it, I It's made up of 9 colour squares with the html colour code underneath them, and the colours are gorgeous, don't you think? Going from lighter to darker and including pinks and purples in different shades. This is very aesthetic and colours I would definitely use in the future maybe? Would you use any of these?

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Something about this one gets me. The simplicity of books and coffee with that lighting is so gorgeous and really makes you appreciate the simpler things in life like that. Also I need that mug. Need. That. Mug.

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This one is an absolute favourite. THE COLOURS. I think I must be like, romantically attracted to city photos with a cool colour scheme like this with blues and whites and greys. It's perfect and makes me want to just be there in the photograph. I'm not sure where this was taken, but wherever it was, I want to be there. 

I think this is absolutely gorgeous. No makeup as such, no special effects, just simplicity. A cold light and no bright colours. Sometimes we all need a break from the glitz and glam of the world and this photo represents that perfectly in my opinion!

Do you have any favourites? Obviously this is just a small fraction of my favourite photo so I have plenty more to share - if you make a post like this one, be sure to tag me so I can see your favourites!

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