When I say that I'm a planner, people think I'm lucky. "Oh, you must be so organised!" Actually, it's quite the opposite. I'm planxious.

I'm one of the least organised people ever. I faff about, I drop things, and I'm usually late. Maybe I don't plan physically, but I make it all up mentally. I PLAN OUT EVERY EVENT IN MY HEAD. Going out? Make-up, hair, what if I see people I know? What if I drop an item? Accidentally steal it? Maybe it's just me, but every event is a river of worries and thoughts and if someone was to mess that up?
Chaos. A thing I like to call planxious, when you're so anxious about an event and then it gets messed up.
Cancelled events that you've been mentally preparing yourself for..for about a day and a half. Getting into school and realising they've cancelled the lesson you did all that research for. Having to leave the house an hour earlier than you'd planned out the night before. Horror stories, all of them. Just another problem of being a planner - the anxiety of the event, then not actually doing the event itself.

Anyone else have this problem? I was going out to the chipshop the other to pick up dinner (classic british food, fish and chips..) and I had done my hair and makeup and was ready to leave the house, only to find out my mother had already cooked dinner. I was FUMING.

Anyone at all?


  1. I feel like this all the time! I always mentally go over events afterwards as well, worrying how a certain conversation didn't go to 'plan'. So glad I'm not the only one!

    Katy | x

    1. Oh dear, the after thinking is the WORST.


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