Things To Make The Most Of This January

Hello! How is your year so far? It's just hit me in the face - It's January. Maybe I got so snuggled into December that I competely forgot that spring and summer and literally a few months away and I am NOT prepared. At all. Winter is my favourite season so it's definitely going to be hard to let it go for another year. Anyway, here's a list of things we should all make the most of this January while it's still cold (in the UK anyway).

1 - Cosy Socks.

Let's face it, we will all miss cosy socks. They can be a year round thing in some countries, but when it's hot out and you're sweating already you don't wanna dig those Primark winter socks out of the drawer because that makes no sense. We all seem to go for thinner socks in the spring and summer so make the most of wearing those furry feet huggers!

2 - Fluffy Coats

I'm not looking forward to hanging my fluffy winter coat up. No way, I'm not prepared to let the fluffy hood go.

3 - Getting dark earlier at night.

Is it just me that thinks the earlier it gets darker the more cosier it is? More time to snuggle and relax!

4 - Hot drinks.

I'll happily drink a warm cup of coffee all year round, but it really seems right in the winter seasons. A lovely cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows to warm us up will definitely be missed.

5 - Layers of clothes

Something about 3 sweaters, a hoodie and a coat paired with like, 829792 pairs of socks seems comforting to me. The idea of going out in the cold weather and just being all wrapped up like a bug in a rug is so cosy. I'll miss it.

6 - Blaming the cold weather on the season.

This might be an english one. We have to blame the cold weather for someone, so winter is the perfect opportunity to complain.

7 - Winter Lush Products

Do they do winter lush products? I'm not sure, but some really seem more wintery than others. Goodbye winter fragrances and hello daisies and floral smells.

8 - Seeing fluffy sweaters in Primark.

Winter in Primark is my favourite time for shopping. All the thick cosy clothes. The scarves and coats is just...awwwww.

9 - Actually wearing pyjamas.

For me, it's just TOO hot and stuffy in the summer for wearing pyjamas. Winter is great because we can dig them back out and lounge around!

10 - Time.

As winter time changes into spring time, make the most of everything! We've still got a month or two to go so make the most of it!

What are some things you'll miss this winter?


  1. I also adore winter! But I live in Texas, so although it does it cold every now and then. It can also change back to hot within the same day. So I really miss wearing scarves, leggings and coats when it goes back to staying hot.
    So I'm with you, I want to enjoy the cold while I have it! XD

    1. I know the feeling! English weather can be so unpredictable this time of year, but usually it's cold which is what I prefer. Make the most of cosy clothes!!

  2. Fluffy coats and hot drinks are my fave! xx

    1. I bought the fluffiest coat in primark the other week, it's literally the best thing I've ever invested in...

  3. i love winter too! especially the christmas period when all the decorations are out! have you tried the luxury lush pud from lush its my favourite thing ever!

    1. Omg no I haven't! I'm gonna search it up right now. Thank you!!

  4. cosy socks and fluffy coats? its a yes from me


    1. Cosy socks are the best thing ever made. Primark ones are soooo fluffy.

  5. This is such a lovely list! I love wearing big thick winter coats in January! Lovely post x

    1. Winter coats in the cold weather is the best thing ever!


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