Stereotypes around teenagers and phones

Ever got picked on for 'always being on your phone'? I have, and I don't like it.

 Younger people are often criticised for our technology choices.
 Have an iPhone? You're addicted. Got a nice laptop? You don't spend enough time outside.

 It's often thought that teenagers and young people with phones are unsocial and rude, when in fact it's not the case. Phones are a little bit stereotyped. Sure they're pieces of metal and glass and plastic but why does everyone see them as loud, unsocial objects? When was the last time you heard a teenager take a phone call in the middle of an important dinner?

 Truth is, it's usually the older people's ringtones you hear blaring out on a bus or in a cafe, yet younger people are blamed for their technology ruining time? At least we can excuse ourselves to the bathroom before taking a call in the middle of the cinema, and we can turn out phones on silent so they don't beep when we type a letter. Good job teenagers and people a little bit older!

 Also, if I'm on my phone, does it really mean I'm antisocial? A lot of the time, being on my phone is a coping mechanism for me. You'll find me tapping away in awkward situations or events that make me anxious. Even checking my emails is enough to distract me from a situation that is making me upset, anxious or paranoid. 

Stop the stereotyping, I'm not just texting my friends because I'm bored- I'm probably feeling a little uncomfortable and wanting to take myself away from whatever is bothering me. 

*rant over!*

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