It's A New Year, Not A New You

It's almost the end of 2015. Can you believe it? This year seems to have flown by and 2016 is only days away. With that in mine, the 'New Year New You' mindset is back in.

Fifteen Festive Questions Tag!

I do love going through a tag, and this festive one seemed perfect for christmas eve!

Battling Mental Illness Over Christmas - Five Things.

There's often a misconception about mental illness over the holiday season. "But you CAN'T be like that, it's christmas!" Sound familiar? Here's the truth.

Why I Don't Want to Promote Clear Skin Products.

I constantly preach self care and acceptance, but this is one piece of  my own advice I've never been able to take.

Art Therapy

This year, 'art therapy' relaxation colouring books (for grown ups) have become quite successful. I really couldn't help getting one for myself.

Getting Festive

With the holiday season approaching and a festive spirit everywhere, I decided to up my game a little and join in with the christmas themes.

How To Relax.

Actually, it's not that straight forward. Sure, you could see relaxing and chilling out as a simple thing to do. Not for some people. It actually took me years to figure out what makes me feel at ease.*

Compliments for Strangers (edition 1)

Following the terrible news filling screens in the past few days, I thought I needed to spread a little bit of positivity when I took the train into town today.