Valentines Chat

Hello! It's valentines day (whoop whoop!) and I woke up to my Bloglovin' feed  being full of valentines posts. What my boyfriend got me, makeup tutorials, skincare products, the whole lot. Since a lot of people struggle with valentines and a lot of people don't think they have anyone to spend it with, I thought I'd have a little chat about it.

If you don't have anyone to spend valentines day with, don't be sad about it. Call your friends, tell them you love them!! Appreciate them! Write a card for your parents or other family members and show them how special they are to you.

I feel like businesses and companies make valentines too much about couples. It's a day for showing love, there is no right or wrong way to show it! Give love to your teacher, friend, a random stranger. God dammit, buy a bunch of flowers and give it to the nearest person to you when you walk out of the store. Give a box of chocolates to someone who isn't lucky enough to be able to buy their own. Give love wherever possible, it doesn't need to be a romantic partner.
Give love to everybody! Valentines doesn't need to be a sad day if you've got nobody to spend it with, its the one day of the year when everyone can love everyone and shower eachother with good things. Have a great day!

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