Why I Don't Want to Promote Clear Skin Products.

I constantly preach self care and acceptance, but this is one piece of  my own advice I've never been able to take.

We constantly talk about how social media affects our views on our own bodies. I was a victim of this pressure from a young age, when my eyes were glued to the television and I couldn't help but notice something..different between me and the beautiful women on the tv. It was my skin.
A skincare advert showed cute girls  with glowing, clear skin using a cream of some sort on their face to get 'flawless' skin. On the other hand, I was a nine year old with blotchy, red inflamed skin covered in spots.
Obviously I felt ashamed, so I decided to do something about it. Without any knowledge of my skin type and what I should do to solve my endless skin problems, I tried anything I could get my hands on. Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, Honey and cinnamon; you name it and I've probably plastered it on my face with a smile thinking 'yes, I'll have amazing skin by tomorrow'. None of these worked much to my younger self's disappointment, and they only left me with damaged skin and scars that I still have now, years later.
So why won't I promote skincare products? Don't get me wrong, I love a bath soak or a skin scrub as much as the next girl or guy. I'll happily go out and buy Simple's Clear Skin face wash and think nothing of it, but I won't promote it. I've faced the shamed of having spots on my skin before, I don't want to put anyone else through that. I believe that all skin is good skin. You don't need a fancy face wash to become beautiful. It made me feel bad seeing those beautiful girls on tv, and it still makes me feel bad watching bloggers and youtubers rave about their new face care product.
They'll hold the product and beam with great skin already, and claim that it makes them look good. And I feel bad because I'm sitting there with spots, scars and a couple more problems. It makes me feel ashamed to be me - and I don't want to put anybody through that because you don't deserve it.
You should love the skin you are in, without the aid of the latest skincare product. I promise you it isn't worth it.

To me, that isn't blogging, it's shaming.

p.s. Sorry Simple, I've picked on you in this post!

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