Art Therapy

This year, 'art therapy' relaxation colouring books (for grown ups) have become quite successful. I really couldn't help getting one for myself.

I really did have my doubts. Wouldn't I just get stressed out if I finished the page and noticed something wrong? It was a mystery, so I bought one for myself and tried it out.
Sure enough, it really did calm me down. As it turns out, colouring in is a great way of unwinding and relaxing, just like the book suggests. The whole book is beautiful, with a cardboard cover and thick pages that don't look tacky. The black lines are clear and I  can't pick out a single flaw in the book, except maybe that the front cover started to peel off when I used the book too much.

Here's the page I've started! It's a swirly patterned page; I've chosen blue, purple and pink to colour it in. It does take longer than you imagine, but the less you rush it the more calming it becomes. There is a wide variety of things to colour in, from animals such as foxes and owls to patterned covered pages and little settings and scenes. My favourite pages are the ones below!
It's a wavy sea with boats and a night sky, and already colour guides and suggestions as to the colours you can use. You can choose to follow these or simply think outside of the box!

Overall, this book is brilliant. Get it for yourself or for a friend at christmas and you/they won't be disappointed!

get it here for £6.00.

p.s. this post is NOT sponsored, I just wanted to share my little way of calming down after a busy day.

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