"Couple Goals" - I've got a problem.

Okay internet, we're going to play a game. I'm going to say something, and you're gonna tell me the first thing that pops into your mind, okay? Here goes:

Couple Goals. 

Got the first thought? Okay, now what's the likelihood your first thought was something about a boy and a girl?

Let's play another game. Make a few clicks on a new tab to Google, and search for 'couple goals'. Click on images.
Start scrolling.
Don't stop scrolling until you see a couple goals post that isn't a boy and a girl. 
Chances are; it takes you a while. It took me a while to find a non-hetero couple and honestly, it's worrying.

Now I can't guess your sexuality. From the people who view this post, I can't assume how many of you will be straight and how many will be queer so I can't know for sure what your results were for the first game, and I appreciate that if you're straight, you were most likely thinking about a hetero relationship and that's okay.
But I'm not straight, and when I first tried this activity, I thought of a hetero relationship too. I'm a lesbian and have no interest in a relationship with a male, so why did I think of a girl and a boy when the words were said?

Because really, it's all we see. We live in such a hetero-normative society that even the gays struggle to see themselves in a 'couple goals' sort of view because we aren't really portrayed like that. We've all been brainwashed to believe that couples are mainly boys and girls together, when actually that isn't the case. Search for gay couple goals and you get a different set of results and I love to see that, but isn't it crazy we actually have to state our sexuality to see the things we should see on the main page?
You don't search for straight couples, so why do we have to search for gay or lesbian couples?

And why did it only just occur to me when I actually put my mind to it? You mean to say that for years, I've just accepted all this as 'normal'? It's been the normality for so long that nobody really notices anymore?

Tell me what you think!

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